Manic Depression by Jimi Hendrix... Guitar-free!

What else is there to say on guitar??

Get get my guitar-free version of Manic Depression by the great Jimi Hendrix - You're going to love it or hate it...

Habitat for Humanity Benefit Concert

Habitat for Humanity Benefit Concert
Hey all!

Sunday, June 10, The Cockeyed Band and I are playing a benefit for Habitat for Humanity!

Event Details

Learn more about HFH at:

**** An afternoon of creative collaboration with Gregg Inhofer —compelling, quirky, incredibly talented, member of the Minnesota Rock and Country Music Hall of Fame. Featuring: Eric Kamau Gravatt, a world-renowned jazz drummer who has played with Weather Report, McCoy Tyner and too many other legends to mention. Charles Fletcher, one of the area’s premier bassists. Jason Parvey on sax; an old soul who plays with the feel of someone twice his age. And Dale Strength, the producer of both of Gregg’s CDs, on guitar. Gregg says, “Come one, come all. We'll be playing selections from my new CD—Music for the Upright Walking—as well as a few things from my first CD, Inside. We'll be throwing in some new things too.” A freewill offering will be taken for Habitat for Humanity. A dessert reception will follow. ****

Video Blog #3: Songs of Love

It's been a while since my last video blog but here it is: On the occasion of me writing and donating a song to the Songs of Love Foundation, this one's about songs that matter.

What are songs that matter to you and why? (Think of not just cool tunes, but songs that have been important to you in your life)

For me, the song I'm playing in the video is definitely one of those vital ones, check it out

peace, gi

Gregg Inhofer & the Cockeyed Band Live at the Black Dog

Gregg Inhofer & the Cockeyed Band Live at the Black Dog
Thanks to everyone who came to see the Cockeyed Band and me at the Black Dog. We hope you had a great night. (We sure did!)

As promised, here's the recording of the show: To redeem, click the button below and enter your code.


Peace, GI

P.S. For those of you who couldn't be at the show, you can listen to one of the tunes right here (check out everyone's solo, too!):