About Me


Gregg here - thanks for stopping by!

From recording with Dylan, to touring with Olivia Newton-John or auditioning for Foreigner (that one didn't go so well), I've been doing what I love for 40+ years.

However... A few years ago, I was at the brink of quitting music:

I was stuck in a marriage that should have never happened, playing music I didn't care for... and struggling with addiction.

In 2005 I hit rock-bottom and had to make a decision:

Continue on a downward-spiral that was going to end with me sick, lonely and probably dead by now.


Try to renew my love for music.

Well, I didn't quit.

Rather, I recorded my first solo album Inside, which to this day marks my rebirth. I took it to the people and started building a solo career - one person at a time.

Since then, I've found thousands of like-minded people across the world. I sold out the Dakota with my band, but played in a coffee-shop for 6 people, too.

I'm thankful and hold dear every single human connection I've been able to make.

And I hope to connect with you, too - as interdependent human beings who share in the universal bond of life, embracing diversity, and trying to make a difference in the world together, through music and love.


P.S. Know someone who's living through a dark time right now that might be able to relate to my story? Here's something you can do for them right now:

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