Manic Depression by Jimi Hendrix... Guitar-free!

What else is there to say on guitar??

Get get my guitar-free version of Manic Depression by the great Jimi Hendrix - You're going to love it or hate it...

Song Donation to the Songs of Love Foundation

A couple months ago, I heard about the Songs of Love Foundation for the first time. They're a national nonprofit organization providing personalized songs for kids facing tough medical challenges.

"Give a song today, change a life forever." That's their credo, and it's one I can definitely get behind. So, I decided to write and donate a song myself. The recipient turned out to be two year old Zaden, who's struggling with an early childhood cancer. The song I wrote for Zaden is called "Zaden the Fox". Check out the video to hear the tune and see me recording. I sent Zaden a Kazoo with his CD, so he can play along. Hopefully, I can bring some joy and encouragement into Zaden's life while he's going through this tough time.

Peace, gi

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