Manic Depression by Jimi Hendrix... Guitar-free!

What else is there to say on guitar??

Get get my guitar-free version of Manic Depression by the great Jimi Hendrix - You're going to love it or hate it...

Spread the Word (New Video)

What do I care about bling and hoes?

Well, not much. I used to think that rap music was all the same and NOT for me. But then...

My 14 year old step-son introduced me to some artists that actually had something to say that was of substance. Artists like Atmosphere, Tech Nine, heck, even Eminem!

So I started listening more closely... When I realized I was wrong to dismiss a whole genre, I was inspired to write this song: Spread the Word.

(Only to have my oldest son say: "What?! You're gonna rap now, dad?" ... No, at my age it's called spoken word!)

The experience was a great reminder to always keep an open mind and heart, because by putting others in a box, we're putting ourselves in one, too...

And I don't want to live in a box.

Can you get behind that? If so, please do spread the word

Peace and much love,

P.S. Btw for the video, we just set up my iPhone with an app called "Lapse It", and I started writing...

Gregg Inhofer & the Cockeyed Band Live at the Black Dog

Gregg Inhofer & the Cockeyed Band Live at the Black Dog
Thanks to everyone who came to see the Cockeyed Band and me at the Black Dog. We hope you had a great night. (We sure did!)

As promised, here's the recording of the show: To redeem, click the button below and enter your code.


Peace, GI

P.S. For those of you who couldn't be at the show, you can listen to one of the tunes right here (check out everyone's solo, too!):

It's a Show! Gregg Inhofer and the Cockeyed Band @ Black Dog Coffee & Wine Bar, St. Paul

It's a Show! Gregg Inhofer and the Cockeyed Band @ Black Dog Coffee & Wine Bar, St. Paul
Hey everyone!

Gregg Inhofer and the Cockeyed Band (Eric, Charles, Jason and me) are playing at the Black Dog, February 2.

It's a really cool, intimate setting. And we've got the talented Steve Sullivan and the Factory opening for us with an acoustic set.

Now, you know we'd play for free and pass around the tip jar. But we're putting a lot of effort into this: We're recording the gig and you get a free copy of the show with your ticket, so you'll have something to remember.

So... we've put together some sweet offers - all at a 20% discount if you get it now vs buying your tickets at the door. It's also your chance to get a copy of the album (if you haven't already) for only $4 bucks with your ticket.

Hope to see many of you on the 2nd!

peace, gi

Get your tickets in advance

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I wanna see the show and hear the album now! 1 $11.99

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Music Life Radio Interview

Music Life Radio Interview
I recently did a pretty in-depth interview with Dan Sauter for Music Life Radio. The talk covers everything from the early days with Pepper Fog to the sessions with Bob Dylan, touring with Olivia Newton-John, Music for the Upright Walking and a whole lot more...

Music Life Radio is a cool podcast that features musicians of all kinds and genres and tells their story.

Head over and take a listen at Music Life Radio.

Gregg Tells the Story Behind The Broken Bossa 5/4 Polyrhythm

During a recent session at MMI with Wells Pianos/Hailun, Gregg explained how he came up with the idea for The Broken Bossa. Here's the clip:

On the topic of polyrythms, here's a cool animation demonstarting the 5 over 4, which Gregg is talking about. Check it out (Continue Reading to watch):

Looking Back: Release Concert at the Dakota

Pictures from the Show

Looking Back: Release Concert at the Dakota
A big thank you to everyone who came out to the Dakota. It was a peak for me. Special thanx to the Cockeyed Band. You guys ALL rock. Peace, GI

Check out some pics from the show below